The SRDITA team boasts a richly diverse and seasoned cadre of professionals, positioning us uniquely for success. With a blend of varied qualifications and extensive experience, our team is primed to excel in problem-solving and achieving our objectives. The diversity within our team fosters a range of perspectives and approaches, while our collective expertise equips us with the requisite knowledge and skills to tackle challenges adeptly.

Furthermore, our team’s creativity catalyses innovation, enabling us to devise unique solutions to complex problems. With our talented and capable members, the SRDITA team is optimally structured for success.


Shiromi Talgaswatta


Upul Abewickrama

Director of Operations (Sri Lanka)


Palitha Udayakantha

MSc (Geodetic Science), Higher Diploma (Surveying and Mapping), BSc (Physical Science)

Dean of Geomatic Engineering

Sarath Gunaratne

MSc Geodesy/Hydrography, Higher Diploma (Surveying and Mapping), BSc (Physical Science)

Academic Advisor

Anura Wijayawardana

MSc (GIS), Higher Diploma (Surveying and Mapping), BSc (Physical Science)

Academic Advisor

Nelson Wijenayake

MSc (GIS & Remote Sensing), Higher Diploma (Surveying and Mapping), BSc (Physical Science), Reading for the PhD

Academic Advisor



Ranga Silva


Registrar/General Manager (Sri Lanka)

Gayani Dilangani

BSc (Microbiology)

Academic Programs Coordinator

Lasantha Kodithuwakku


Academic Support Officer

Vithusha Gunawardena

Academic Support Officer

Kanchana Dilrukshi Hewage

MSCM, MBA (Log.Mgt), BLE (Colombo), Dip. Mass Com), Squadron Leader (Retd)

Visa Support Officer

Mirasha Peiris


Chief Administrative Officer

Education Support Officer

Lakna Kithmini

Student Support Officer

Srimali Senn

Web Master