Kanchana Dilrukshi Hewage

(MSCM, MBA (Log.Mgt), BLE (Colombo), Dip. Mass Com), Squadron Leader

Drawing upon dual master’s degrees earned from prestigious institutions such as Victoria University, Australia, and Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka, in addition to a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colombo, she brings over 24 years of extensive experience spanning diverse industries. Her professional trajectory encompasses pivotal roles within the Sri Lanka Air Force, the Research Institute, the United Nations, the Recycling industry in Australia, and an Education Consultancy specializing in Australian Migration.

Renowned for her expertise as a seasoned specialist and adept administrator, she demonstrates excellence in Supply Chain Management and General Administration, with a distinct focus on Australian Migration. Moreover, she holds the esteemed position of founder and CEO at UniGuide Lanka Migration, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership acumen.